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ANNA GALAGANENKO is a young Milan based label founded in 2017 as a mono brand for shirts. A year later the label was extended and change its name to Anna Galaganenko. The mane value in Anna’s designs is to stay present and respond to a new challenges in today’s world. She gets the inspiration in a contemporary art and a the influence of colour and design on self-expression.

Since 2019 Anna Galaganenko was successfully presented its collections during Paris Fashion Week. All items produced in Italy, at the same factory as Dior, Etro and Balenciaga or at Anna’s owns studio.

Since the beginning sustainability was a natural necessity of the project: sample shirts and jeans were developed out of used men’s items. While new clothes is made out of the meticulously chosen existing luxury stock fabrics, produced in the North of Italy - the best known region for the quality product, which appeals immediately from the thirst touch.

 Shirts are the core product of the brand and they come in a unique and very limited colour combination. Loose or slim fit classic cotton version with versatile button options or comfortable cotton flannels which seems to be the best fabric on Earth.

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